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Incapacitating Back Pain

Just when I thought that things were going well with my back again, stuff happens.

Last week, I pulled the tendon in my right thigh, and I guess I've done too much or walked too much, and am now paying for it. Either that, or I've had a cold draft on my back or some such. Anyway, went out on the relatively gorgeous, but windy, Saturday to do a few things, and remember feeling some pain in the lower left side of my back. The pain has, unfortunately, built up to the point where yesterday (Tuesday), I started to become pretty much incapacitated once more on that side, and it is radiating into my hip on that side as well as around the front, and at times I feel pain in my left thigh.

The pain in the left side of my back is agonising, to the point where I've screamed a couple of times, and I can't bend down at all. Started taking some Tylenol Muscle & Back pills, and they've helped a bit, but am pretty incapacitated for the most part, and am taking it easy lying down on my bed or on the couch. Have spoken to work, and am taking the next day or so off, though I can do some work from bed with the laptop (that's how I'm typing this post, folks), so don't expect to see too much of me on-line for the next little bit.
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