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My Night in Hospital

I have just spent the last eighteen hours in the hospital, after calling for an ambulance from my house yesterday afternoon. The pain was so bad, that I was screaming in pain by the time I caved in to do so.

I'm not going into any of the details of the stay, other than to say that I had two shots of morphine, several doses of something way stronger (starting with a d that was administered through the IV line) (all the shots in my right shoulder area), a hospital IV line into my left arm, two blood glucose tests done for some reason on my other arm in separate incidents, a blood sample, and several urine samples and lots of blood pressure and temperature takings.

I hadn't had any food since lunch on Thursday, only water since 11:30 pm last night (since they seemed to be confused about whether one could have food or water once one has had a morphine shot, two different people saying and enforcing what they said in the process), and have just scarfed down the equivalent of breakfast at lunchtime - a bowl of whole grain Cheerios, a slice of whole wheat toast with apricot jam, and a hot cup of tea.

Needless to say, I've not slept much (although I did sleep some, due to the IV drugs), am filthy since I've not showered today, and am bloody hungry, tired, crappy, and crabby.

The diagnosis... I have sciatica...maybe.

The doctor prescribed the same d medication drip in tablet form for me as the remedy, since I'm not supposed to lie in bed with the sciatica, but to function as normally as I can through the pain. The pain, you remember, that had me screaming most of the last two days. This is what's called pain management.

If nothing else, this should be interesting. If you hear any screaming over the next week or so, that'll be me.

Edit: The name of the "d" medication that I couldn't remember is Dilaudid. When I picked up the prescription at the pharmacy, they gave me the generic version of it, pms-Hydromorphone.
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