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The Day After Morning Post

Morning everyone.

Well, I'm somewhat calmer now, and have had a couple of doses of the Robaxacet with an extra acetaminophen tablet since last night's post.

The pain has somewhat eased off, but I think I've definitely tweaked the injury somehow somewhat. Most of the pain right now is in my right calf muscle, and it is somewhat agonising, though the Robaxacet has helped.

I'm still feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment, but have to say that I had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend at CanGames, and that I knew the risks of tweaking the back when I went. That said, as the doctor and the chiropractor told me, I can't just sit back or lie down and not be active, and so the convention was very good. Just stupid that I moved the way I moved after the convention and all, and have to hope that the tweak is not too bad. I'll know sooner than I expected, since my MRI is scheduled for the end of the month. And I've got another appointment with the chiropractor for Wednesday, so we'll see if I can hold out until then. Besides, maybe the back will tweak back in a good way.

In the meantime, going to spend part of the day sorting out the gaming stuff from the weekend, and getting ready to write a post about my CanGames 2011 experience. Any thoughts from folks on whether they want to see day-by-day coverage, or whether a single, long post is preferable?
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