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A Busy Wednesday

Did not sleep very well last night, as the pain in the back and hip has been complicated by a minor cold or some such (perhaps caught at CanGames, perhaps not) that has irritated my left ear, the left side of my head, and in my throat and a bit in my lungs. This is also possibly due to the fact that I can't sleep other than on my left side, when I do manage to fall asleep.

The weather in Ottawa today is somewhat cool, and will be a mix of sun and cloud, with the possibility of rain as well. I'm really ambivalent about this weather, as I am a real heat hater, and do not like summer for the most part. This kind of weather is really comfortable for me under normal circumstances, but with the slipped disc and sciatica, well, it's another matter.

In the meantime, I am preparing for a short work day once more, as I have appointments today with the urologist and the chiropractor respectively. I'm not looking forward to the appointment with the prostate specialist, as I don't know whether a DRE is a good idea at the moment with the case of sciatica, but it may not come to that depending on the reading for my PSA results.

In the meantime, there will be a slight delay in the posting of the second day's report from this year's CanGames. I'm waiting on photos of the two games I ran on Saturday from a friend of mine, and would rather post that report up when I have them, so that day report and the one for the Sunday will be delayed. So for the moment, you can read my report of CanGames 2011, Day 1 by following the link. Hope you enjoy, and please don't hesitate to comment on the entry.

Time for breakfast. Then a shower. Then maybe some work before I leave for the doctor.
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