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A Tale of Two Doctors, and a Chiro

As noted in an earlier post, I had two appointments today, one with the urologist, and one with the chiropractor.

Headed over to the Ottawa General around 10:25 am for my appointment with the urologist, and got there pretty much on time. Had to do a lot of walking in the hospital proper, and while I was tempted to get a wheelchair to move around, decided not to as I did need to do the walking and all that good stuff. (A form of exercise, right?) Saw the doctor after about a 20-minute wait, which wasn't too bad I guess, and he told me the results of my PSA test. My PSA has actually gone down, below 1.75 with this test, and that's pretty good, but he told me that it doesn't mean I don't have prostate cancer, just that the PSA is good, and we discussed the various options. He and I both agreed that the best thing to do would be to do another PSA test in roughly four months (sometime in September), and see what that shows.

After my appointment, I had a few hours to kill before the trip downtown to the chiropractor. I figured, given the workout on the adjustment bench that she was going to give me, it might be a good idea to eat an early lunch, so that's what I did. The Ottawa General cafeteria has some of the best hospital food around, and I was able to snag myself a bottle of water, a bowl of broccoli soup, and a chicken fajitas panini. Great meal, and far better than anything I ate at CanGames proper from the food area there.

Went downtown, and arrived at the chiropractor's about 25 minutes early, so sat down to wait there. Had a bit of water (I was parched because of the heat here today, though the breeze was nice), and finally had my session with her. The chiropractor told me that I was somewhat more swollen with inflammation than I was when she saw me before CanGames, and that I had some swelling on the other side of my spine! I guess that's to be expected when you can only lie on one side, so after going through a somewhat painful adjustment today, she gave me some medical acupuncture on the spine area and my hips and butt, and attached the electrodes. The process wasn't too painful today, but what hurt was the ring that you put your face in while lying on your stomach. I was soaked to the skin by the time the procedure finished after 15 minutes, and my face around my eyes and nose was beet red, and somewhat sore. The chiropractor told me that I'm doing pretty well, and that two more weeks of treatments should do it. I set up an appointment for Saturday, as well as a massage appointment for Monday (which I think I'm looking forward to).

Now the bad news. I've developed somewhat of a cough over the last couple of days, quite painful today, and decided on the way home to stop at the family doctor's office, and see if he could squeeze me in. His secretary has been really good to me about this the last few weeks, and she was able to do so today because of several cancellations. The doctor saw me, listened to my chest, and told me that I have an infection. It's either the infection that's supposedly going around Ottawa, con crud from CanGames, or something to do with sleeping strictly on my stomach or on my left side. In any event, he's put me on a ten-day course of antibiotic, Biaxin. So I can't take my Crestor meds while I'm on the Biaxin. *sigh* But as you can see, it never rains but it pours. No wonder I've become such a pessimist over the last few weeks.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes the next few days and what's what. Hopefully, the Biaxin will take out the bug, whatever it is, but I'm going to be uncomfortable for the next little while. In the meanwhile, I'm not going to think about the gaming busines with the Friday and Sunday gaming groups until Friday, and hope that I'm a bit more functional than I am at the moment.
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