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I Am Officially Sick

It is official. I have either come down with con crud, or something similar to the bug that spross had several weeks ago, which was also responsible for his torn lateral back muscle. So I am not working today, and taking a sick day.

I spent a rather dismal night in bed, unable to get a lot of sleep, due to the coughing and hacking away. Might have been running a temperature, but fortunately the Robaxacet has acetaminophen in it, so that helped in that regard. Woke this morning lying on my back, no phlegm draining in my lungs, and felt a bit better. (Maybe the Biaxin already kicking in?) My lower back is now hurting like hell, the sciatica kicking in once more, and I've decided that since I cough and hack more when I talk than when I don't, today will be a "silent day". I did manage to get some more sleep, about an hour, this morning. Making me feel a bit better.

Oh, and Sears is coming over to install the new air conditioner that I bought. The old one is kaput, and I had forgotten that the appointment to install the new AC was today, between noon and 5:00 pm. *sigh*
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