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A Cool, Rainy Day

A damp, wet, cool, rainy day here in the Ottawa valley. This has not helped my sciatica, and the pain is particularly acute this morning. Probably not helped by the coughing or the fact that I woke to find myself lying on my back in the bed. The good news was that I managed to actually get a bit of sleep last night, and I'm sure that can only help in the long run.

As for the bug that I've got, I feel a bit better today, and hope that this is because the antibiotic that I'm taking has started to kick in (even if it is only two days of taking it). My voice is still horribly raspy because of the lung infection, but I have adopted a "silent mode" since yesterday, and it helps somewhat. Writing notes to my mother has been fun, but I've not been answering the telephone myself other than when I feel that I really have to. Working another half-day, and contacting the office through memos and the like.

Part of this afternoon will be spent statting up some dinosaurs for an upcoming gaming product that I can't discuss, and that should be a lot of fun.

And I have the guys from Sears coming over once more to do the installation of the new air conditioner unit that I bought. After yesterday's fiasco and their return and statement that he couldn't put it in since he wasn't told that it needed to be a winterised installation, I have sorted that out to the best of my ability, and hopefully this will be finished by the end of the day.

I did call Kathy last night, and told her that I needed to cancel gaming for tonight. While I really did want to game and all (the plan tonight was to play Dominant Species, but will have to be put off a week), and she was somewhat disheartened at that, but I was only thinking about her and Ellie, and the rest of the gamers of course.

I'm really getting tired now, so a slight break, and then back to work.
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