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Saturday, So Far

Was supposed to go to the chiropractor for noon today, but I called the clinic up and changed the appointment to Monday, right before I'm supposed to have my deep massage. The reason for changing the appointment is I figured I could benefit by taking it easy today and relaxing, and trying to give the bug in my chest a chance to heal a bit more, rather than going out in the cool, damp weather and possibly exacerbating the problem. Another reason for doing this is that I have to be somewhat healthier before I go for the MRI on Tuesday, so better to give myself an extra day of rest.

In other news, the new air conditioner has been installed, but the fumes from the adhesive and caulking stuff they used has aggravated my lungs somewhat. Good news is that I've used the fan and vent function and am running it to get the fumes out of the house. The stuff really stinks, and made my eyes water, not to mention made me feel my lungs were seared. Last night the only two rooms in the house that were good were the den and the bedroom, because I had closed the doors to those rooms. It's better upstairs today, but playing the game of Dominant Species last night was...interesting. (More on that game later today.) The sciatica is still present, probably aggravated by the coughing, of course, but it seems to be a bit better today. Which is interesting given that I lay on my back most of last night, which I'm not supposed to. Didn't sleep that well last night. Got woken up by my bladder around 1:30 am, and then woke up again at about 5:00 am, and couldn't get back to sleep.

In the meantime, been taking it somewhat easy this morning, and plan to do a bit of writing this afternoon. spross is coming out some time later today on his way home from work, so will be nice to chat with him for a bit (hopefully the voice holds up). Since I had an early breakfast, need to go in search of food soon, not that I'm really that hungry.
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