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Back From the Chiropractor and Massage Therapist

Well, I'm back from the chiropractor and massage therapist.

In good news, the swelling on my spine and hip are much reduced, and things are looking better there. I'm still having a modicum of pain in the right hip and leg, as well as now on the other side, but these are minor compared to the pain in my chest, throat, and diaphragm from all the coughing and the like. I'm going to reduce the Robaxacet down to one dose per day, and seeing how I'm doing.

In the meantime, the appointment with the massage therapist went pretty well. After doing an assessment on me, he decided to place a gentleman's wager that the MRI doesn't show a disc problem at all, as he believes that it's muscular. We'll have to wait and see until tomorrow, and then the report on the MRI in a week or so. The massage was quite good and he took it relatively easy on me, because of the other stuff going on with my body, but he told me that it was a pretty good first session. He worked on my lower back and both legs, and it was pretty good and most of the pain has gone away for now. I noticed when I got up that I had phlegm coming out of the right eye, but didn't think much of it. Nowhere else to drain, I guess. Probably due to my lying on the massage table with the right side of my face down.

Well, since I got home by taxi, the eye problem has grown worse, and my vision with that eye is a bit blurry at the moment.

My cough is a bit worse since I got home, but my voice is still pretty non-existent, and breaks if I try too hard.

What a wreck I am.

And I've still got the MRI to get through.
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