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Things I Learned From Today's MRI Experience

Just back from the MRI appointment.

Let me explain... The MRI appointment was out in Orleans, about a $55 taxi ride, which I didn't want to do. So I called OC ParaTranspo, and made arrangements for both the ride to Orleans and the ride back. I got to Orleans and the MRI place around 1:20, the appointment being at 2:30, but after filling in the paperwork, they took me within 20 minutes. The ride back from Orleans was scheduled for 3:30. Not a problem, I thought. The driver didn't show up until 5:05 pm! When I asked why he was late, he gave me a story about traffic out to Orleans at 3:00, but his log when he showed it to me clearly showed two fares that he had driven during that time! So... Anyway, suffice to say that I'm home now. In a lot of pain. Not to mention, quite sick from whatever is in my lungs.

Here's what I learned today.

1) I am not claustrophobic. Those MRI machines are pretty...small, but it didn't bother me. I was more worried about coughing during the MRI and thus spoiling it and having to do it over again. Btw, for the record, my MRI pictures are "excellent".

2) OC ParaTranspo is not for me. Better to pay the $100+ in cabfare, and get home when I should have. Didn't have my eyedrops for the pinkeye or any of the pills for relief of pain, 'cause I figured I'd be home for them in time.

3) While the MRI machine was comfortable, not only was it noisy, but it was jarring in its noisiness. And that's with the earphones on. Thirty-five minutes in the machine with different sounds for the different tests, all impinging on my sanity somewhat. Part of this could be accounted for by the fact that my ears are painful, due to the whole thing going on with my sinuses and my eye and my lungs, and my swollen throat, and... Not to mention my perpetual headache. Never mind, you get the picture. Just thankful for deep breathing exercises at the moment.

4) Orleans is a pretty cool community, from the looks of it. At least, what I could(n't) see and from what I remember. Very green, very small town-like in what I could see and hear of it.

5) Why do I meet all the women I could go for when I'm sick and/or in doctors' offices/labs/clinics/etc.? I'd make a trip out to the MRI clinic just to chat with that foxy brunette receptionist again... *sigh* But no matter, since the dangly bits aren't working at the moment because of the sciatica/hip pain. *double sigh* But at least other parts of me are, I guess. :)
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