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A Hellish Week (with a LSH Respite and a Blues Future)

You will, of course, have noticed that I have not written a journal entry in a little over a week. This is primarily because the week has been quite hellish, and I'm not talking about the weather - which was awful hot the beginning of the week, and just right towards the end of the week. I may have been born in summer and all that, but I really, *really* hate the hot summer months!

As for the week, well, I can't talk about my job too much per sé, but suffice it to say that given it is the week before the long weekend, naturally that's when all the real translation stuff started. Add to that the fact that I spent something like eight hours per day on one computer or another and...well, let's just say that I didn't want to even look at a computer at night when I got home! And was just too busy at work to get any on-line time in whatsoever. So even the Hollow Earth Expedition (HEX) PBeM game suffered this week.

Add to that the fact that Comnet has screwed up my e-mail feed (yet again!), and well...the week has not been a good one, even if I had wanted to get my e-mail! They still haven't fixed the problem, and I've been unable to get through to them on their technical support line so far this week - so I'm not the only one with the problems jin this regard.

The good news is that this coming week is the Ottawa Bluesfest, going from the 4th to the 15th of July, and there is an awesome line-up this year. Somewhat pricey, but well worth the cost for some of the shows and other attractions that they put on. Really looking forward to this! (So won't be on the computer all that much during this time, either.)

I've also been re-reading my collection of Legion of Super-Heroes comics, starting from the very beginning with Adventure #247 back in 1958! I've got over three boxes full of Legion comics, so this will be a lengthy endeavour. :) Reliving the early exploits of the teenage group of heroes, some of the stories being really, really good and others being...well, childishly infantile or preposterous in premise (depending on one's choice of words), has been fun and somewhat exhilarating, as it took me back to my (relative) youth. All these stories have that innocence and good feeling to them that comics had back then. I've finished reading through the end of the Adventure Comics run into May, 1969, and have really enjoyed this stuff...and it makes me wish DC Comics would bring back the original Legion of Super-Heroes. Ah, well... *nostalgic sigh* May even post a Legion Trivia Quiz or two folks way when I get deeper into it! :)

So, that's the week it's been. The good news is that it's been cooler outside this past couple of days, and that's something I've been grateful for. Should be a good week coming up.

The rest of this weekend is going to be spent relaxing and de-stressing... and reading more comics, of course! :)
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