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Monday Morning Stuff

Came in to work today, as I was feeling the need to get out of the house so I didn't want to work from home.

The weather outside is somewhat muggy, but relatively cool, and the humidity has made my lungs a bit irritated. I've been coughing more than I was yesterday when the Sunday gamers came over for a game of Dominant Species (which I will discuss in a separate post sometime), but the rest of me feels pretty good today, other than the parts of the body that have been affected by the coughing. My voice is still a bit ragged as well, and the chest irritation increases when I talk too much, so I've been trying to get by with as little vocal work as I can. Fortunately, the swelling of my neck has decreased somewhat, too.

The fact that my head is relatively clear today, other than some phlegm dripping down my throat and some sinus irritation, means that when I get home today, I can start to do some of the work that I need to do for the roleplaying games that I've got on the go.

But first things first. Gotta get through the work day, and then see how I feel when I get home during the afternoon.
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