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How Am I Doing?

Another day, another dollar.

Came in to work this morning feeling somewhat out of it, as I did not have a good night's sleep last night. Tossed and turned for part of the night, and had a bit of a coughing bout around 3 a.m.. I feel like I'm still catching up on my sleep and all, and the fact of the matter is I've had more sleep the last two days than I have in quite a while, but it's still not enough.

On the subject of the illness I'm suffering from, yesterday was a relatively good days. The headaches were only intermittent, the coughing is down to a minimum (though I do get a couple of periods where my body just explodes in a coughing fit for a bit), and I feel somewhat better. My neck and throat are still a bit swollen, my chest feels better for the most part, and I'm hoping I'm on the mend. The coughing means the diaphragm and other muscles down below are hurting quite a bit, and that's not helped the back problems of course.

The only thing that's getting to me right now is the diarrhea. That's likely due to the antibiotic, which I'll be finishing some time today or tomorrow (can't remember which), and it definitely has not been a pleasant time. Here's hoping today is a better day. At least it won't be as warm as yesterday.
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