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In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night...

Last night, after the gaming session, several of my Friday night gamers showed up around 7:00 pm, and announced that they were taking me out to a movie. Kathy, Joanne, Tom, David, and his friend, Kelly, and I went and saw the Green Lantern film at the local theatre. While we could have seen the movie in 3-D, several of us (myself included) wear glasses, and find that it gives us headaches, so we went and saw the regular, HD version of the film.

I have to say that I went into the theatre with low expectations, given some of the newspaper reviews of Green Lantern that I had read, panning the movie. I'm not going to spoil the film for the folks reading this sort-of review, but I thought that Ryan Reynolds made an excellent Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, and did a much better job of it than I had expected him to. I wasn't impressed with the woman they got to play Carol Ferris, and I found that some of the plotting was a bit... sloppy, I guess would be the best word to use here, but I loved most of the CGI used for the green energy stuff, and thought the CGI Guardians and Oa were pretty well done.

The film was much better than I expected, and I suspect that if the film does well, there will be a sequel. However, I just wish they had made an Alan Scott film, rather than a Hal Jordan film. Ah, well... *sigh*
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