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MonkeyJunk Live Last Night

Well, as mentioned in the previous blog entry, I went out to Barrymore's here in Ottawa last night to catch the MonkeyJunk CD Release party for their new album, To Behold.

Had a terrific time with Nick and Kathy last night, and it was really good to see Kathy actually smile and weave and bob to the music somewhat, and the show was really quite good. Not going to go into detail about stuff, but I do wish I'd had a camera or smart phone camera so as to snap a couple of shots here and there. Barrymore's Music Hall is quite different than I remember it being from my last time there, but that's expected given that it underwent renovation. The band was smokin' hot instrumentally and vocally, and the show was really good.

Now, I just gotta pick up my copy of the CD tomorrow. :)
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