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Cure for the Blues (Sort of)

Yes, it's been almost a week since I last posted.

To be honest, my birthday week was pretty terrible. As previous journal entries noted, first Stef dumped me on July 1st. Then for the rest of the week, I've suffered some sort of bowel infection or perhaps the increased dosage of Metformin finally caught up to me in terms of the side effects. Regardless, I've been quite depressed the last week or so, and haven't been too good company at all.

Fortunately, I managed to find a temporary cure for my blues, sort of. In two different ways.

First off, as I noted in an earlier journal entry, the Ottawa Bluesfest kicked off on July 4th here in the city. While I didn't see Van Morrison or Bob Dylan in concert the first couple of nights, feeling too ill to go to the Bob Dylan show, I did manage to catch Jimmie Vaughn that night, who showed his prowess on the guitar is still terrific. and played a great set of music. Friday night, I went with SteveB and Kathy (at their insistence) and caught the George Thorogood concert... He started off with one of the tracks off his new album, Rock Party, I think the song was called, and then went on to a very grimy version of Who Do You Love that I thoroughly enjoyed, and continued to just wow the audience as the concert went on. Saturday afternoon was terrific, as I caught the Steve Marriner show. Local Ottawa boy made good. Sarah Harmer, however, was my favourite on Saturday, with some terrific performances of her stuff, including Oleander and Escarpement Blues that were really well done. She had the stuff, for sure. Didn't go to the 'Festival Sunday, as I was supposed to game the afternoon. spross came over, but Tammy Powers never did show up (must still be up at the cottage or some such), so SteveR helped me take care of some gaming stuff, and then I spent the evening relaxing with other stuff.

The second thing I've been doing this past week, which I started to do about two weeks ago, actually, is start re-reading the Legion of Super-Heroes comics that I have - from the beginning. I've been reading the old Legion comics starting way back with the beginning stuff as noted in this journal entry. I'm being somewhat anally retentive about this, too, and have been writing up plot synopses as I go (among other things), since I'm thinking of doing up a Legion website.

The Hollow Earth Expedition (HEX) RPG Play by E-Mail game has suffered the last week, since my depression has kept me off the internet pretty much the whole time, but we'll see how things shape up this week. I feel somewhat better, but still have bouts of depression and a bit of crying. As for the body ailments, we'll see.
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