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Sunday Gaming Session

Gonna be a long day at work, or at least it feels that way, with the Canada Day weekend approaching and all. In the meantime...

Sunday was a pretty good gaming session.

As noted in a couple of previous blog entries, I ran a Desolation rpg scenario that I wrote for conventions, called "Shadow of the Wolf", on the gaming group yesterday, since I needed the practice with the adventure again before I run it at this year's GenCon in Indy.

Got a pleasant surprise when Rick, the new gamer to the Sunday group, brought a friend of his, Joss, to help play through "Shadow of the Wolf", and he's expressed an interest in joining the gaming group and playing with us on a regular basis. As for the game itself, well... I'm not going to spoil the scenario for folks who may be playing in the game at GenCon this year, but suffice it to say that the game went pretty well, the party of seven characters (Menelaris Covalanar, Tarl Ishrak, Denner Khent, Krek of Kharhut, Esther LaVore, Lem Ollender, and Sasha Veng) managed to win the day and beat the big baddie of the adventure, and the players did a really good job getting a handle on things, although Doug told me that he just couldn't "get into" Krek of Kharhut, as there was nothing there for him to really work with. I was pleased that Joss enjoyed himself, though he struggled a bit with the non-D&D mindset of Desolation, but that's not uncommon among newcomers to the game. I really hope that he becomes the fifth player in the gaming group, as he seems like a good fit (as does Rick), and that is the idea size of a gaming group that I like and can handle without too much stress.

As most folks who read my LiveJournal know, next Sunday is my birthday. I do know that my Friday night gamer friend will be running his annual "JohnK's birthday gaming sessions", and I'm looking forward to that. Don't know yet what the plans are for the Sunday gaming group, but we'll see what happens with that.

In the meantime, back to work.
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