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Thoughts and Worries of the Day

Came in to work a half-hour or so earlier than is my normal want today, as I have to leave a touch earlier today for an appointment with the doctor.

Work this morning has been somewhat hectic as we lead into the long, Canada Day weekend. To be honest, the work itself this morning has kept me distracted too much from thoughts of all the stuff that I've got in my head about the afternoon doctor's appointment. The appointment is to go over the x-rays that he had ordered after the results of the MRI exam came back (see this blog post for what happened), and there are some serious concerns about what's going on. Ah, well... just gotta take this one day at a time, and wait until the appointment to see what's happening with this.

In other news, I have no work to do on rpgs for the month of July with the Friday night and Sunday afternoon gaming groups, as it appears that two of my players (one in each group) will be running games for my birthday and then into the month somewhat. This is good, as I could use the time off to play a bit and recharge the gaming juices somewhat, and it'll give me some time to (re-)read over some of the gaming material that I've been meaning to get to but haven't had time to do because I'm always working on the game campaign material. So definitely looking forward to that, although plans do change.

Another piece of good news is that once I get home from the doctor's, with a quick stop off for some veggies and stuff for supper tonight, I'll be watching the Fifth Series finale of Primeval. Really looking forward to that. :)
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