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My Canada Day

Yesterday was Canada Day, for those who missed it.

I didn't miss it so much as I merely decided that I wasn't going to go and party on Parliament Hill with all the folks present to adore the Royals, Will and Kate. And besides, the Friday gaming group wanted to play, and since Nick was going to run the game, who was I to say "No"?, as is so rarely get to be a player gaming-wise.

The day started uneventfully, rather mundanely, with a bit of cleaning up in the house, and I started to re-read the main Desolation rulebook. (I haven't done so in about a year, and a refresher course on the game system and world is always a good thing.) Around noon, the NHL Free Agent frenzy started, and I was able to keep an eye on that. Had a healthy salad with tuna for lunch, and then relaxed with some more reading for the rest of the afternoon.

The Friday gaming group arrived after supper, and Nick was all gung-ho about running some Desolation. While he only runs games around my birthday period, and after that depending on the length of the adventure he's come up with, it's always a good game I get to enjoy, and so I'm happy that Nick does this for me. The mood was a bit more sombre than usual, with the absence of SteveB, but we managed to keep Kathy's mind off things, and my goddaughter Ellie was pretty well behaved for this occasion. Kathy had baked some very small Blackforest cupcakes for the occasion of my birthday, and while most of the gaming crew including newcomer David had a couple, Ellie and I had one cupcake each. They were delicious, very rich, and I was quite happy to eat one. (I've promised to save Kathy and Ellie a slice or two of the Blackforest cake(s) that I'm picking up tomorrow morning, but that's a story for later in the week, perhaps with pictures.)

The game was pretty cool. I got to play my Sakhut of Ridge River character once more (see the link for his creation here on LJ), and had a pretty good time. The adventure started with the player characters in a bazaar of sorts in New Beda, and some bizarre incidents followed. After Calleo, a female NPC that we'd grown close to disappeared that night while walking home from her stall, we got involved in her supposed rescue from individuals nefarious. One thing led to another, and needless to say, we found ourselves enmeshed in a plot to bring down the local market manager, a Rover who had gotten on the wrong side of some of New Beda's local establishment. Suffice it to say, by the time the game session drew to a close, it was around 12:50 am, and the party was in a small barge heading down the river, with an angry mob on our tail, incited by the local magistrate and his ruffians.

We stopped around 9:25 pm or whatever it was, and went outside to watch some of the fireworks going on locally, so that explained the length of the game session, but that was fine by me. An excellent gaming session was had by all, punctuated by good friends, good gaming, and good food, if a bit tiring, and I was flagging by the time we stopped. While the others left, Nick and Kathy stuck around and gave me a hand with the dishes after we helped Nick pack up the gaming stuff, and then Kathy gathered up Ellie before heading home.

And then, this morning, I was woken bright and early by the guys from Sleep Country, who were coming to deliver my bed, as noted in an earlier entry today.
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