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Birthday Report

Woke up yesterday morning to find my back was in pretty bad pain, but I hoped that it was due to getting used to the new bed that I've got. Got out of bed, and as I went through the morning stuff the back pain eased off.

The phone started ringing off the hook early in the morning, with friends and family calling to wish me Happy Birthday, so I got off to a late start. Ate a good breakfast of a scrambled egg with some veggies and a bit of cheese, washed down with coffee and yogourt (not in that order), and then took care of the morning shower and all. I went to pick up the birthday cakes, but they weren't in my name, and I had to call my mother to go and get the cakes since they wouldn't sell them to me! Silly gits! Got home, and mom had just arrived with the cakes. (You can see the one of the two cakes below.)

spross and Doug arrived earlier than I expected, the former bringing with him the gaming stuff that he needed to run the session of Desolation, and after mom left, the two of them helped me move a bit of furniture around, so I could do a decent vacuuming of the upstairs level of the house. Once that was done, the three of us sat down to lunch after spross snapped a photo of one of the two cakes. He and I ate Subway sandwiches, while Doug ate the meal that he had brought with him from home. spross and Doug started discussing the latter's player character for Desolation, and did some preliminary work, but they were still going at it after we finished eating and by the time Tammy arrived, so she and I left them to it, and discussed going out to dinner that night. I thought it would be cool to have our mothers go with us, so she called home, and her mom was agreeable to going to the Kelsey's in the east end of Ottawa. It took spross and Doug quite a bit more time to finish off Doug's character, as from what I overheard, Doug didn't seem to have an idea firmly in his head about the character he wanted, but he ended up playing an elf. However, it turned out that spross hadn't prepared a scenario and well it took a while for him to get ready, and then Tammy and I questioned some of the plot elements and the background that we needed for the Community we were starting in and some of its history.

By the time we were ready to start gaming, it was time to take a break and have some cake and Bailey's Irish Cream, so that's what we did. Tammy snapped a photo of spross, Doug, and me (she never likes having her photo taken, so she "volunteered"), and that photo is below.

The guy on the left is me (for those who don't know what I look like), with Doug in the middle and spross on the right. Once cake was eaten and all, spross finally got around to running the game per sé. The basic premise of the scenario was that my character, Tesro Haldane, and Tammy's Heather Greyfalls, were in the village since the Night of Fire. Doug's character, an elf named Moranis Covalen, had come to the village, done something that caused the village council to imprison him, but all that changed with a pre-dawn raid on the village where some of the children were taken. Heather and Tesro tried to stop the raiders from taking the child of the healer, but failed to do so, although we managed to kill the first raider trying to do so, and I later managed to acquire one of the raider's horses (but couldn't ride the animal), while Moranis was let free by one of the guards when the raiders lit it afire as a distraction. He pretty much did his own thing with a raider or two, and the fight with the raiders ended with our characters heading for the centre of the village and the communal hut/lodge. By then it was time to stop gaming for the day, and so everything got packed up. To be honest, spross's lack of preparation for the game and his at times unfamiliarity with the Desolation rules really hinders his GMing style and feel, and I hope he's better prepared for next week's session (assuming he doesn't decide to opt out of running the game again.)

spross decided that he would go to dinner with us at Kelsey's, but his folks couldn't make it, under the impression that it was just Tammy, their son, and me. Tammy and I headed for Barrhaven to pick up her mom, and then come back to the house to pick up my mother who would be there, and then we'd all meet spross at the restaurant around 7:00 pm. The drive out to Barrhaven was quite nice and pleasant, and between it and the return trip to my place, took about an hour, and was the most the car had been driven in almost three months. We went over to Kelsey's, and met up with spross, and had a wonderful meal. The waitress serving our table, whose name I never caught due to the noise in the place, was kind enough after dinner to take our photo, which you can see below.

From left to right, that's my mom, me, spross, Tammy, and Tammy's mother. Dinner was quite good, as Tammy and I split a chicken fajitas between us, and she and I also shared a tomato and feta bruschetta flatbread that was quite tasty as well. After dinner, I drove my mother and Tammy and her mom back to my place, where Tammy picked up her stuff and the slice of my blackforest cake for her mom, and then they headed out, while my mother drove home after we had a cup of tea, and she and I split a piece of Tammy's birthday cake, a chocolate fudge cake with four layers. (Yes, Tammy and I exchange pieces of cake on our birthdays, because she was born on the 2nd of July, the day before me. It's gotten to be a good, if interesting, tradition between us.)

By this time, it was getting relatively late into the evening, around 10:15 pm or so, and I was pretty wiped from the day (and no doubt from the sugar fixes and all), so I curled up on the sofa, put on some Jethro Tull music, and relaxed for about 30 minutes, and then went downstairs to bed where I read for a while before getting to sleep.

Woke up this morning feeling stiff and with some back pain (still due to the new mattress, I suspect), and a bit headachy, but managed to get myself functioning for my day off. The birthday stuff doesn't end yet, as I've got dinner to go to with the Friday night friends tonight, so I'm looking forward to that.

For now? Time for another cup of peppermint tea. :)
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