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Start of Ottawa's Bluesfest 2011

Today is the beginning.

Yes, the Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest starts today. Hooray! :)

The blues is one of my favourite genres of music, and I love different styles of Blues music. One of the great things about the Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest is the sheer variety of music presented at this 2-week festival of music, and sheer number of folks that come to the festival.

Some of the artists that I really want to see from this year's line-up, in no particular order, include: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros (whom I'll be catching tonight), JW Jones, The Black Keys, Leon Russell, Dana Fuchs, My Morning Jacket, Maria Hawkins, Amanda Rheaume, and MonkeyJunk (whom I'll be catching tomorrow night), but we'll see how many of the acts I can get to, although I know I'm seeing at least three of the aacts mentioned above.

So, there's some really good music coming up at the BluesFest here in Ottawa over the next two weeks. Looking forward to some great blues music this month.

Still, if only Thea Gilmore and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy would play the festival, I'd be happy! :)
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