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Gaming News

In sad news, part of my month off from running roleplaying games has taken a hit.

spross told me yesterday that he's struggling too much with creating the plot and dealing with the gaming stuff for the Desolation game that he started running on Sunday (see this blog entry for more on the game). I should have seen this coming, since it's happened the last two years as well, but I keep remaining the optimist. To a large extent, this is really something that spross should have prepared for, as he knew two weeks before my birthday that I wanted him to run a game. The problem is he leaves things to the last minute in terms of setting things up and writing up what he needs, and he gets easily flustered when he doesn't have information or whatever prepared when someone asks him a question. So, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when he mentioned this to me yesterday. *sigh*

In other gaming news, I've got some re-writing and editing to do on some game material that I sent in for one of the rpg projects that I've currently got going right now, and that deadline has to be met before the end of July. It's going to be tough to get that in because of the fact that work is very busy at the moment, and will get more hectic as my week's vacation time for going to GenCon Indy gets closer, the stuff I have to do to prepare for GenCon this year, the Bluesfest stuff that's going on for the next two weeks here in Ottawa, and the rest of the Real Life(tm) stuff that's gotta be done. Should make for an interesting month of July.
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