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Warning to My LJ Friends and Readers

Over the next week or so, I am going to be posting up a lot of entries on the various Desolation game campaigns that I've run on both the Friday and Sunday gaming groups since January, as I've gotten somewhat behind in that respect. For that reason, it may seem like I'm blitzing (well, not blitzing, but certainly posting up a lot) my blog with these entries, but rest assured it's just a means of catching up with the ongoing campaign games and all.

So for those folks who read my LJ blog, fear not. The entries will be clearly posted as Desolation and gaming group related, and I will be putting the major part of the text behind cuts. So if you're not a roleplaying game fan or have no interest in my Friday and Sunday roleplaying game campaigns, you won't have to read these entries.

Hope everyone is happy. :)
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