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Some Friday Thoughts

Friday morning. A relatively cool day this morning, one that is quite comfortable.

I'm working from home today, as there's an inspector coming to the house to check the sewage on the condo, since I've been hearing some odd noises, arriving between 9 am and 2 pm, so the boss at work was accommodating enough to let me work from home. I've done a lot of hours at work this week, and have pretty much caught up with most of the paperwork and projects that we've got going at the moment.

I finally had a decent night's sleep last night, the body finally having adjusted to the new bed perhaps ::knock on wood:: , or possibly more a function that I was just so tired after two nights of the Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest. Woke up when the alarm went off at 6:00 am, and actually felt relatively awake for a change, and didn't have too much of that brain mustiness that I've had the last week or so. Speaking of Ottawa Bluesfest, there's not a lot of folks I wanted to see this weekend, other than The Black Keys and Jill Zmud, and I just don't really have the patience to deal with the kind of crowds that one will find at the concert venue on the weekend, despite all the changes and stuff that have been made to the way the Bluesfest is being handled and the stage arrangements themselves. So I'll just have to content myself with listening to the CDs and watching the occasional video on YouTube or wherever.

In the meantime, today being Friday, this means that the Friday night gaming group will be getting together and gaming once more. I learned last night that Nick just doesn't have something to add to last week's game session, so I will once more be GMing the game tonight. I'm planning to run Desolation on the group, and it'll be good to get back to the campaign that I have going with them, since they're three sessions into a scenario that is just getting interesting. So, once work is done for the day, I'll need to do a couple of hours prep on the game of Desolation for tonight.

For now, back to work.
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