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Thoughts on the Week

Another week gone.

A week of "I'm now single for the first time in years...". To be honest, I could have spent a lot of time wallowing in self-pity, or worse, trying to figure out all the things I did wrong in this relationship, but the fact of the matter is that work has kept me busy, and the rest of the time I'm being distracted by good friends or working on my Legion of Super-Heroes mega-project (see this journal entry for some of the basics, but suffice to say that I am doing up detailed Plot Synopses for every issue, from the beginning, over 150+ issues done already), and have seen a few of the artists at Bluesfest.

This is also the first weekend that I've roleplayed with the Friday night group in the post-Stefanie period. I ran Hollow Earth Expedition, since I needed to run something that is relatively simple, and it worked out well. It was somewhat bittersweet, although I have to say that I've missed the gaming and all, and am looking forward to Sunday's gaming group. We've got a new guy who's going to show up and just watch for the first session, coming out tomorrow, and so that should make things interesting. In the meantime, I'm also set up to run a demo of Hollow Earth Expedition at one of the comic shoppes here in Ottawa in two weeks (more on that in a separate post later), so things are busy.

Which is good, to be honest, since I don't really have time to get weepy and all wallow-y. Of course, I could be in denial about the whole thing, but don't believe I am.

Gotta run. Breakfast is calling, the smell of the coffee luring me in.
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