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State of JohnK

Got in very late last night, around 1:30 am, from the Friday gaming session out in the west end.

The game of Desolation that I ran last night was pretty good, and sometimes I really do think that I am inspired at times. The players had a good time, and I think the scenario went pretty well. I'll be posting up the game session notes here on my blog as soon as I get them transcribed and have a little time, as I need to catch up on a couple of more sessions of the Sunday gaming group game sessions.

Woke up this morning to serious pain in my left hip and leg. The week's worth of driving has taken its toll on me, notably the trip to Carlingwood Mall for the new shoes and last night's drive to the west end of Ottawa for the gaming session. I think I need to try and take it easy today, and take a few painkillers to deal with the hip/leg, though I know that given what's causing said pain, the medication will barely do anything for it.

*sigh* Time for another trip to the chiropractor perhaps?
Tags: back pain, chiropractor, desolation, friday gaming group, health, personal, rpg

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