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Sunday Morning Thoughts, Desolatin'

Up and about this Sunday a.m., and feeling somewhat better. Taking most of yesterday off has helped out tremendously, and the back, hip, and leg are feeling good this morning, with only a modicum of pain.

Had really wanted to go to the Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest yesterday, as local talent Jill Zmud and the amazing Ray Bailey were both playing the show, but just couldn't walk and all due to the hip/leg pain from the bulging disc. So taking the day off yesterday was a smart idea. This also means that I didn't do any of the grocery shopping (primarily vegetables and the like) yesterday that I should have done, and will have to take care of that tomorrow. Fortunately, I've got some stuff still in the fridge in this regard, so this is good.

In the meantime, today being Sunday, I have the Sunday gaming group coming over to continue their Desolation rpg campaign, since spross decided that he wasn't going to run this month after all. I'm looking forward to running the game this afternoon, but have some work to do this morning on getting stuff ready, since I wasn't planning to run on Sundays for the entire month of July. Ah, well... I love the game system, and love the *thunk!* sound that the Style point chips make when they land on the table. Go figure! :)

Some time later on today, the last of the catch-up journal entries on the Sunday game sessions will go up on-line here, and then I can post up the entries for Friday night's session and the one for today. However, for now, got to get some work done for the afternoon game.

Later, folks. :)
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