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Sunday Afternoon Game Session Report - Desolation

Taking my morning break, so figured I would post this up now.

Here is the last of the continuing tales of the Sunday gaming group and their Desolation campaign materials that I needed to catch up on. This report covers the Sunday group's session on the 15th of May this year. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. As per usual, since the rpg game session notes can be somewhat long and may not appeal to all my journal readers, they are presented here behind the cut.

Day 24, Month 9, 2 After the Night of Fire (ANoF)

The player characters and their NPC friends wake the next morning. They are sheltered in an outcropping with stunted trees here and there; it is difficult to cut wood from the trees in question, so the group has resorted to making fire from dead wood and rotted branches and the like. Krenai Denshawni is woken by the noise of carrion reapers. She sees Sandor Frecks cooking a carrion reaper, and he is holding her knife to remove some scales. He hands the knife back to her, apologising to her for taking it while she slept, but that he needed it. Currin Tullock wakes, and goes foraging for some foodstuffs. He returns after finding little, and tells the others that he saw at least 20 carrion reapers and something else that was circling much higher up.

Kahyr of the Hareth, now telling the others that he is called Kahyr Argolun, is awoken by the sounds of Betta (Tayne) waking up. He remembers her from the night before with her having terrible nightmares about the Night of Fire. She sees him, and he suddenly realises that she is a spellcaster, as she has a nimbus of light around the fingers of her left hand. She had told him the night before about herself - how she comes from Verelanar and had been taken by a Warband during a raid, and that she did what she had to in order to survive. She greets him in the morning light, and leads him over towards a group of former conscripts.

Currin is desperate for food, and borrows Krenai's knife and attacks one of the carrion reapers on the ground. He eventually gives up, as the creature is just too agile for him. Sandor chuckles, and tells Krenai that one has to attack a grounded carrion reaper in a group of three. Krenai sees that there is no sign of Sabine Tok Cheng or Lev Treyhi, and when she asks Sandor about them, he tells her that they went off to scavenge early in the morning. He tells her and Currin that they to find more than just weapons, as he tells them that the creatures circling that Currin spotted earlier are wyverns. Krenai is concerned about them, but Sandor says that they also need to worry about the weather. When Krenai asks him what he did with the goods and supplies that they group received from the people of Brigandes, he tells her that he has concealed them quite well [5 successes; they are buried near the burned out wagon].

While the characters discuss and chat about various things, Krenai asks the others what they remember of the events after the flash of light. When the group of characters compares memories, they realise that their recollection of the events is already fading.

The player characters decide that it would be a good idea to do some scavenging of the area before they set out, and proceed to do so. Betta Tayne manages to separate Krenai from the group, and confronts her about being a spellcaster. She tells Krenai about being a Verelanar, that she disappeared into the Warlands, and became a slave. She tells Krenai that she's a Sorceress herself, and that she's heard of Keveli, and wants to join the community. Before they can continue, they are interrupted by Sandor.

One of the ex-conscripts rushes past, screaming about corpse rot. The player characters stop moving, and instantly decide that they need to check this out. They are interrupted by the arrival of a Kobold, who offers to trade a huge spear to Krenai. She declines the offer, as she has nothing to trade. The kobold, who names himself as Guk'ruet, offers to show Krenai the place where the bone spear came from. The party decides to split its forces; Krenai along with Betta will go with Guk'ruet to the bone field that he says was its source, while Sandor, Currin, and Kahyr will travel to find the source of the corpse rot. The two groups set off on their quests.

Guk'ruet leads Krenai and Betta to what was once a giant skeleton of a schlekk. Krenai climbs one of the nearby trees, and has an encounter with a baby osteovore. After she hastily departs from the tree, Betta rushes over to Krenai, but Guk'ruet remains where he is. Betta grabs a couple of 1-1/2-foot long bony spikes (that do 2L damage), and giving one of them to Krenai, they go scavenging in the schlekk's remains. Krenai finds a couple of decayed bodies, and is pleased to see that they have two swords, but Betta warns her just before she touches the swords - they have corpse rot! The three characters decide to head back, and rejoin the others.

Sandor, Currin, and Kahyr arrive on the scene of a field of corpses, and start checking out the bodies. Sandor finds a hand axe on one of the bodies, and gives it to Kahyr, who eagerly accepts it. Currin emulates them, and is attacked by one of the corpses, that grabs his arm! Kahyr saves him by cutting the arm away with the axe, but the two of them take spores of the diseases from his swinging the axe and impacting the arm. The two of them have contaminated clothes, and Sandor tells them to burn their clothes in the area near a small pond that he has found. Sandor gathers up some long tunics with sashes on them for the two, and spots several chirs. He tells Currin and Kahyr about the chirs, and the three characters cautiously and successfully navigate their way back to where the others are. They encounter a walking corpse that asks them, "Help me" in a pitiful whine, before it falls dead at Currin's feet.

Lev Treyhi and Sabine Tok Cheng return to the group with quite a bit of scavenged goods. They have found two useable swords (two short swords, one broadsword). Lev is wearing a set of ill-fitting, grimy Legionnaire armour, and he and Sabine toss the scavenged goods on the ground. While the characters debate what to do with the scavenged items, they are approached by a dwarf, Theron Darkdelver, who asks them what is going on. He introduces his two companions, Farand and Kalmi, both of whom are Human. Theron grabs up a huge dwarven axe from the scavenged goods, claiming it for himself and pointing out to Lev and Currin that none of them can probably wield the axe like he, the dwarf, can. The rest of the characters and other conscripts claim various pieces of equipment for themselves. Sabine shows them the other items that she found - two crystal vials with silvery liquid in them, contained in a small pouch.

The player characters camp for the night in roughly the same area, using the outcropping and stunted trees for protection. The characters and their fellow ex-conscripts talk, and many of the others state that they are planning to try and find their homes, or to wander a while and seek out protection and the like. Theron Darkdelver and several of the others express an interest in travelling to Keveli and settling down. Lev and Sabine tell Sandor, Krenai, and Currin that while they were scouting and scavenging, they saw what appeared to be a set of ruins off to the northeast, something that the group might want to investigate. The vharacters decide that Lev and Sabine will take those who want to go to Keveli to the village, and that Sandor, Krenai, and Currin will check out the ruins in question, and then make their way back to Keveli. Once the group makes the decision and settles on some arrangements, the characters get some sleep.

This one was the opening session of a new scenario, and the first one in which Doug played his character, Kahyr, for a full adventure. He's still not got a good handle on the character as yet, and I'm hoping that this improves with a bit more play and time. spross continues to flail around (for lack of a better term) with his character, Currin, but I'm hoping that the addition of Doug to the game will get SteveR on track somewhat.

In the meantime, this just leaves me the game sessions from this past Sunday and yesterday to transcribe and post up here to the journal.
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