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Tuesday Morning Stuff

Another hot, somewhat scorching day here in the Ottawa valley. The heat today is not as bad as it's been for the last week, thank Goddess, but the return of temperatures in the low 30's Celsius are returning for later in the week.

In the meantime, this morning I have taken the day off work as I am having a bone scan this a.m. as part of my preparation for a regular check-up in August, and because of the results of the MRI and second set of spine x-rays that I had taken. Not looking forward to this at all again, as the last one was rather uncomfortable, too.

The rest of the day I need to spend taking care of a couple of things for the preparation for the trip to GenCon Indy this year.

Anyway, gotta fly out the door for the bone scan. Catch ya later, folks.
Tags: appointment, doctor, gencon, health, ottawa, personal, weather

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