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Hot Day in Ottawa

It promises to be a brutally hot day here in the Ottawa valley today.

The forecast for today is a high of around 330C with a humidex of 450C, and there is a health advisory on today for people with bronchial problems or those who are seniors. One good piece of advice for today is to stay indoors in air conditioning, and make sure one stays hydrated. Okay, that's two pieces of advice. :)

Been at work for an hour already, and the place is hopping with busy-ness. I'm on an interesting project at the moment (I can't discuss it, by the way), and so it's got me engrossed and interested in the work.

In personal news, I am somewhat discomfited by the pain in my hip, back, and leg at the moment. Probably too much doing stuff yesterday when I took care of errands for GenCon preparation and all. Need to take it a bit easier today, but that shouldn't be a problem, as the heat doesn't encourage me to get all active and the like, so this is good. Sort of.
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