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Friday Morning, I Think

While it is Friday, from a personal point of view you wouldn't think that it was the start of the weekend.

I'm at work this morning, but I am somewhat dysfunctional as my fellow workers can attest to, and I just feel somewhat off and achy all over. This is largely due to the fact that the weather here in Ottawa has been scorching (it's down to merely hot today with a high of 310C and a humidex of 350C), and I got something along the lines of maybe four hours of sleep last night. Tossed and turned the whole night, and woke up at one point on the floor.

When the alarm went off at 5:30 am this morning, I wasn't sure who I was, where I was, and what was going on. I think I got out of bed and started to function and all by rote. Or some such. In the meantime, here I am at work, and just have that dazed and caught in the headlights feeling since I've come in to the office. Oh, I'm getting the work done and all, but I feel...out of it.

Tonight should be an interesting gaming session with the Friday night group. We finished the Desolation scenario that was going on, as noted in this journal entry, and the group informed me earlier in the week that they want to take a break from post-apocalyptic fantasy and the Ubiquity system for a bit, and play something else. So, we'll see what happens tonight when I drive out to the west end of the city. Looking forward to gaming tonight, even if I don't know how conscious I'll be.

For now, back to work.
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