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LJ, Work, Health, and GenCon

Well, well... it seems that LiveJournal has finally got themselves back together after the DDOS attack that they mentioned, but it's taken them awhile.

Anyway, on to the news of what's been happening around here.

First off, as most folks know, GenCon Indy 2011 begins next week. I'm set to fly to Indy on the Tuesday, 2nd of August, and I'll be coming back to Ottawa on Sunday, the 7th of August, late at night. My friend, spross, will be flying down for the convention with me, so that's cool. Inspired by some chat over on Twitter about gaming stuff, I've been jotting down the basics for a new Primeval RPG scenario, with the working title "Dinos on a Zeppelin", that I plan to run for fun and playtest purposes on Wednesday night at the convention, either in the Omni Severin or the open gaming area of the convention at Union Station around 8:00 pm or so. Anyone reading this is welcome to come out and watch, or if there aren't enough players for the game, to play in it. Should go until around 10:30 pm at the latest, because like I said, this is just a playtest of the basics of the adventure. I've also got the two runnings of "Message in an Anomaly" that I'll be running on Thursday night and Saturday afternoon, so that promises to be good fun as well. In the meanwhile, I've also got the adventures to run for Desolation, and I'm looking forward to those. While "Prey for Life" is a new scenario that I'll be running, I've also got my home-made adventure, "Shadow of the Wolf", that I'll be running as well. So looking forward to that.

Work has been very busy as everyone gears up for the long weekend, and the fact that I'm going to be off work for around a week or so as part of my hols. The bad news this week is that I've come down with a mean attack of allergies; the doctor says it may be a cold, so I've got a few medications on hand, and hope to have it completely under control by the time I have to be ready to leave for GenCon. Unfortunately, my body's immune system doesn't deal with stuff all that quickly, so I have to wait and see how this shakes out; my voice is currently a bit ragged.
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