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Saturday Morning This and That

Up bright and early this Saturday morning.

Not that I could help it. Used to the work schedule, and the fact that the alarm goes off usually at 5:30 am every day. Add to that the fact that I still feel like a punching bag due to the severe allergies and mild cold I'm suffering from, and well, let's just say that sleep was not an option.

So what's on the schedule for today?

Well, need to buy some groceries this morning to cover the weekend, as I won't need to worry about food for the rest of the week, other than the snacks I want to pick up to take with me to Indy for GenCon.

Have a little bit more packing that I plan to do, and have to put together the Name tags for my luggage for the trip.

Need to do a bit more clean-up on the new Primeval RPG scenario that I'm hopefully going to playtest at GenCon with a few folks. While it was tentatively called "Dinos on a Zeppelin", it's got a new title that will be revealed in due course. It seems to be shaping up pretty well, and will work out extremely nicely for a convention scenario.

Wanna watch a couple of things off the tube that I taped this past week, and haven't had the time to watch. Usually I'm so punctual in doing so, as it clears space on a tape for more stuff, but between work, the allergies/cold, and a few hectic preparations for other things, I've just been tied up all week.

Try and get some rest. With luck, that'll help the cold thing remedy itself faster, and meanwhile just try and deal with the allergies and all.
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