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A New Month

August 1st. A new month.

Or not so new. I'm sort of sick again to start the month, but this time it's just my allergies combined with a wee cold.

Didn't sleep well last night at all, catching about 4 or so hours of rest, largely due to my allergies, but also due to the excitement/nerves/stress of getting ready for GenCon.

This month promises to be extremely busy, starting off with GenCon Indy (more on that in other posts), and then seeing what the month holds after I return from that.

In the meantime, hope to post up the Books Read material for the month of July later today, but there is lots to do this day - packing, reading, packing, watching some VCR tapes of shows, packing, finishing off my scenario for playtesting at GenCon, packing... you get the picture. :)
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