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Back at Work Today

I am back at work this morning.

Settling back in to work today here at the office, although my head is still at GenCon and somewhat achy and stuffed. Still suffering from the sinus stuff and the allergies this year, and it just seems a bit more intense again now that I'm back from Indianapolis. I also feel that I want to sleep more, even though I had a good six hours last night and managed around ten hours on Monday. The weariness of GenCon still persists, I guess, and my body wants more rest.

My back is hurting me somewhat fierce this morning, and I am visibly swollen in the right hip. The Tylenol is only effective to a certain extent, and I am considering going back to the chiropractor and having some more acupuncture done on my back. We'll see how that goes, but in the meanwhile, I'm just dealing.

Here at work, my co-workers (especially Donna) have been intrigued about the whole GenCon experience and all, and are rather looking forward to the blog entries about the convention, though I have told them bits and pieces about stuff today during our morning coffee break.

And now, back to it.
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