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Thoughts of Thursday

Work today has been somewhat interesting, and quite intense and busy, but that's going to be easing off for the rest of the day. Sitting here enjoying the morning coffee break with a hot cup of peppermint tea with a bit of honey and lemon in it.

I heard from UPS yesterday, and I should have the package of gaming goodness that I shipped home to myself from GenCon 2011 (due to my inability to carry stuff because of the back/leg problems) some time tomorrow. Hooray! :) Promise to post a photo to the blog of all my gaming goodies once I've got everything.

I've been devouring the new Airship Pirates RPG during my spare time since I got home, limited though that time is, and really want to run this game. Neat concepts, relatively simple system (though I prefer the Ubiquity system that powers Hollow Earth Expedition, Desolation, All For One: Régime Diabolique, and the hopefully soon-to-be-released Leagues of Adventure rpg). The game world is fascinating, and I'm really looking forward to gaming this.

Still deeply shocked and horrified at the rioting and looting in the U.K. in the wake of the business in Tottenham, but it seems to have calmed down the last couple of nights. This is good. My family across the Pond is doing fine, and I hope all my gaming mates and friends are well too.

Spoke to Tammy Powers, one of my Sunday gamers, and she won't be out for some time now, around two months, as she's working on a project and doing massive amounts of overtime including weekends. While I'll miss her gaming somewhat, I hope that spross and the three new guys (Doug, Rick, and Joss) can get in some decent gaming over this period and get into some gaming goodness.
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