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Where Did the Week Go?

It's Friday... Geez, where did the week go?

I'm still feeling pretty tired for the most part this week, and don't feel like I've caught up on the sleep that I missed during the week that was GenCon Indy. Probably take another couple of weeks to catch up on it and all. Or perhaps it's just the sinus allergies that I've got that is making me feel this way.

Speaking of GenCon, I've got so many books and game products to read that I purchased at GenCon that my reading queue for the next few months at least is rather full. Aside from the gaming stuff that I purchased down in Indy, I also snagged a few actual books this week as well, so the reading queue has actually grown somewhat. Oh, the horror! :) The shipment of gaming stuff that I sent home via UPS from GenCon on the 5th of August should be arriving some time today; hopefully I'll be home from work to actually receive it. In the meantime, I continue to read the delightful Airship Pirates RPG from the folks at Cubicle 7, and am loving this game; definitely intend to run it in the nearer future.

Spoke to my Friday night gamers, and we will be getting together this evening to game, as I've really missed the gaming experience and all. Not that I've missed gaming per sé, given the amount of it that I did at GenCon, but more that I missed the intimate gaming experience with good friends around a table in more quiet surroundings. Those of you who were at GenCon likely understand. In any event, the Friday nighters were starting their Primeval RPG campaign the other week, so we'll likely do that, unless we do some sort of board game or other. We'll see.

Meanwhile, back to work. Oh, and expect another GenCon 2011 blog report some time this afternoon after I get home. :)
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