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Package From Indy Arrived

Got home from work about 2:40, and was just in time, as the guy from UPS arrived around the same time to deliver my package of goodies purchased at GenCon 2011 this year. Well, the 12-pound package that I shipped from GenCon, at any rate.

I was glad to see the package arrive in a timely fashion, and was happy to find that the books inside were intact and in their pristine condition, even though no packing peanuts or other form of protective cushioning had been added to the box of goods. Or perhaps they just felt that it would increase the weight of the box even more if they were to add that material?

In any event, I was glad to have the delivery, but somewhat annoyed that I had to pay close to $20 Canadian for Customs & Handling. That brings the cost of the shipping of the books up to around $55 or so for the stuff that I bought at GenCon and had shipped home because of the back problems. Not sure if that was worth the price, other than the fact that it saved my back and all.

Now that I've got all the stuff I bought and received at GenCon Indy this year, you'll be seeing a photo of all my purchases (other than the t-shirts) here on my blog in the near future.
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