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Thoughts on Friday Night's Airship Pirates Gaming

Back from doing some grocery shopping this morning, and then took a bit of a walk outside. The weather is still pretty nice, though the heat of the day is starting to rise, so I'm glad I went out when I did.

Last night, the Friday gaming group met up for the first time since GenCon, and I have to say that I was quite pleased. I didn't know whether I was running Primeval or something else, but the gaming group decided they wanted to see more of the Airship Pirates rpg based on the music of Abney Park, and so I was happy to oblige them.

The players created their characters for the game, created their airship (after all, what would a game like Airship Pirates</i> be without airships, right?), and then did a bit of sample combat to see how it worked in the system. The players were agreed that the game was right up their alley, has some twisted stuff in it that they really like, and seems simple enough mechanics-wise to work for them. Good time was had by all.

I have to admit that after the games and frenetic activity of GenCon, it was nice to get back to gaming with my Friday night group. People that I know sitting around the table gaming together and a relatively quiet room (compared to the gaming rooms at the convention) made for a nice, relaxing evening of gaming.

Hmm, wonder what Sunday's gaming session will bring this week?
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