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Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

Had a pretty good Saturday.

Spent a bit of time in the morning doing some grocery shopping while the weather was still cool. After getting home, blogged about another day at this year's GenCon, and then did some work on a project that I cannot talk about.

Most of the afternoon was spent catching up on a bit of e-mail and snail mail (bills and the like), and then managed to spend the rest of the late afternoon and evening with my goddaughter, Ellie, while her mother had a bit of down time and all after taking her out to the parents. We just had a good time, playing a game of Poo, the card game about monkeys flinging you-know-what, and really had a fun time with it, even if it was only a two-player game. Ellie laughed a lot, and this was a good thing given the rough time that she's been having. After supper, I put on a couple of episodes of Expedition Africa for her to watch, while I cleaned up the dishes from supper and did a bit of reading of Airship Pirates.

Did some more reading after I tucked her into bed for the night, and just relaxed on the couch upstairs and chilled for a while with my current book read, one of Bob Asprin's Myth Adventures books.

Woke this morning, and made Ellie a croissant for breakfast, while I had the other one with coffee. She devoured the croissant, some fruit, and a small mug of herb tea after taking her insulin, and then she bathed while I finished packing her stuff up, since her mom was due to pick her up this at 8:00 am. They're going out to the country for an afternoon together after going home to get stuff ready for what they need; I would have gone with them if I had not been gaming this afternoon, so I really hope they have a good time.

I feel pretty well today, though I had a bit of a cough yesterday, and hope I'm not coming down with con crud. Still catching up from stuff that I missed or wanted to get done while I was away at GenCon, but that's the way things work out when you go away for a week and all.

Meanwhile, back to other stuff.
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