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For Want of a Boil, Redux

For those of you who remember this post, my lament about not being able to get the perfect boiled egg, I have an update for you. :)

While at GenCon Indy, one of my friends, lena_of_fargo, pleasantly surprised me with an egg timer device. You take the oval-shaped device, put it in the water with the egg that you're boiling, and when the change in colour is right for the type of boiled egg you want, voila! The egg is cooked.

I used the egg timer device this morning for the first time to make breakfast, and I am pleased to report that it helped me to make the almost perfect boiled egg. I say "almost perfect" because the egg came out a bit too hard boiled for my taste, not enough liquid yolk, but as the instructions on the egg timer explain, it may take a few uses to perfect the boiling of an egg timing.

Just thought you'd want to know. :)

And to lena_of_fargo, *thanks*, dear. :)
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