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Bad Allergies Day

Sitting here at work this morning, lamenting my life a bit.

I slept very poorly last night. As mentioned in other posts, my sinus allergies have been very bad over the past two months, and to be honest, since returning from Indianapolis, they have been somewhat worse than ever, no doubt heightened by the weather here in Ottawa the last week or so.

Last night was, well, a nightmare. I went to bed last night, having taken another of my Allergy & Sinus meds before bed as I need to, since the tablets only provide 12 hours of relief (supposedly). I was woken up screaming around 2:30 am by a horrible nightmare where I was choking to death (though now I don't remember the circumstances of the nightmare), only to find that I had phlegm dripping out of my nose and down my throat, and that's what must have literally awoken me.

Suffice to say, I cleaned myself up a bit, and tried to get back to sleep, but remember feeling like the alarm had literally woken me up as if I hadn't had much sleep in between when it went off at 5:30 am. Suffice it to say I'm somewhat groggy this morning, and have seriously contemplated a cup of real, caffeine-filled coffee since I arrived at work.

My head feels muzzy, fuzzy, stuffed up, and my ears are somewhat blocked.

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