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Grocery Store Lament

Back home from doing the grocery shopping. It is now quite warm outside, and I'm glad I'm back at the house with the stuff I purchased.

I would have been home earlier, except for two things. First off, the grocery store had a shortage of shopping carts this morning, due to one of the guys who works there forgetting to bring them out from the back, and lots of people had been shopping early it seems. The second problem was a somewhat older woman (in her 50s, perhaps?) who couldn't decide between two brands of toilet paper and then had real problems working her transaction on the interac/credit card machine.

I was frustrated more because I just wanted to finish up at the store and get the heck out of Dodge, since I really wanted to avoid the heat (which I didn't in the end).

Anyway, time for a bit of a soap-and-water washdown, as I feel a bit grungy from being outside now, and then it's probably going to be time to think about lunch.

There's talk of a major thunderstorm this afternoon in the Ottawa valley, and I've been debating whether I still want to go out and do a few things this afternoon, or whether my time would be better spent doing some writing. We'll see.
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