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Friday Morning Thoughts

Haven't blogged in a couple of days, as there's been nothing that I really had to say.

The weather here has been somewhat cooler at night the last few days, going down to the low teens Celsius, so I've actually taken out a light blanket for my bed. A definite sign that Fall is on the way here.

Slept badly on my shoulder and neck last night, and now have a very definite sore neck and shoulder. Plan to put a heating pad on it when I get home from work, and possibly take a shower or bath and just let the heat soak into the muscles. Hurts like hell to move too much or too fast, and it's hindering activity. Hope this resolves itself sooner rather than later.

Today, being Friday, I'm looking forward to gaming with my Friday gaming group, and looking forward to running Abney Park's Airship Pirates (yeah, I gotta start using the game's full name, just seems right). Should be an interesting night. The short adventure they're playing in right now should be resolved this evening, and we'll see what the players do to handle the situation they find themselves in. Should be an interesting night's gaming.
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