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Work's Done, Time to Play

Home from work after a somewhat busy, trying day at the office.

The pain in my shoulder and neck have been pretty bad all day, mitigated only by the fact that I have been taking some Tylenol for the pain, but since I got home, I've had a hot compress on the affected area, and the pain seems to have been reduced somewhat. I had to stop off to buy some veggies for tonight's supper, as well as have a few things around the house for the weekend, and that was not a comfortable time at all. As long as the pain doesn't get too much worse, I'll be okay. Just have to take care of myself, and be careful.

I took a nap when I got home, about 40 minutes or so, after taking some more pain meds, and am feeling somewhat better. Getting ready for tonight's game of Abney Park's Airship Pirates roleplaying game. The player characters found themselves in an interesting situation last week in the game, and tonight's offering promises to complicate their lives a bit more, and have some good action to it. The party consists of a good mix of characters, their skill sets being pretty well rounded, so this means they should be able to deal with all manner of stuff. Looking forward to the game tonight, and being with friends.

Anyway, time for a bit of supper, and then get ready for the game.
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