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Back From the Doctor

Back at work after a visit to the doctor's office.

The appointment went pretty much as I expected. He was a bit perturbed by the fact that I had had the adverse reaction to the inhaler, but was glad that I had stopped taking it. My lungs sound clear, and there's no sign of infection that way, so he has concluded that I've got some sort of allergy going on, as it's a serious ragweed allergy time. Either that, or I've got a very clingy virus that needs to just get out of my system in its own good time.

For the moment, then, no more medications or drugs, just the stuff that I take on a regular basis, and give my body some two weeks to get rid of the infection. After that, once he sees what's going on, we'll take it from there.

To add to matters, my car is having trouble with the electrical systems. Have to hope I can get the car home when I leave work, but for now, back to work.
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