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Quick Note to All

Saturday. The long Labour Day weekend.

The weekend started off rather well, to be honest. The Friday gaming group came out last night, and continued on in their Abney Park's Airship Pirates roleplaying game campaign. I'll be posting a journal blog about that game session when I get a chance, as I'm still catching up with the Sunday game sessions as well, but suffice it to say the players had a terrific time of it. This is one rpg that is really fun, and I'm loving every moment of it.

That said, I've decided that I'm going to spend most of the long weekend off-line, and just try to get some rest and not strain the body too much. I've been feeling quite run-down most of the week, to be honest, and other than last night's gaming session and the one that I'll run on Sunday, going to take it relatively easy for the Labour Day weekend.

So expect other posts here on the blog when you see them, and I'll be keeping my internet presence for the weekend to a bare minimum.

Have a great Labour Day weekend, everyone! :)
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