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The Long Weekend, En Sommaire

Haven't posted to the blog since Saturday, as I promised myself on Friday that I was going to take some time off from the internet for the long Labour Day weekend. And by and large, I managed to achieve this goal, as I wrote a couple of blog entries here on Saturday and did a bit of tweeting on the weekend, but that was it.

Friday night, as mentioned, ran the Friday night gaming group through their latest session of the Abney Park's Airship Pirates game, and they had a blast. As promised, the session report will go up here soonest. Just before the gaming session on Friday, the car dealership returned my vehicle to me, as they had found the problem - a faulty battery, and a couple of bad connections in the car's electrical system. Still have to find out how much I owe them for the repairs, but I'm expecting it to be serious (the work on the electrical system can be expensive).

Saturday saw a relatively good day, and didn't really do all that much during the day. Watched a bit of tv (I rather liked the "Night Terrors" episode of Doctor Who, even if it was a bit predictable to my practiced eye) and some DVD stuff on dinosaurs. I also did a bit of reading that I've been putting off for a bit, but that's par for the course at the moment, as the sheer amount of work I've been doing on the computer has turned me off reading some of the stuff that I have to read for work. I also heard from Tammy, who has been busy with work since late July and hasn't had time to game, and she told me that she's ready to get back to gaming, so we arranged for her to create her character for Abney Park's Airship Pirates on Monday. (I make it a policy not to create characters with players on the days that we game, so this worked out well.)

Sunday was a pretty good day. Started off the day with a pair of croissant and café au lait, and then geared up to run the Sunday gaming session of Abney Park's Airship Pirates. Douglas came out early, and he convinced me to take him through another series of combat sequences to get a better feel for the combat system and some of his character stuff. I think he benefitted from the experience, and I have to admit that the practice was good for me as well. :) The game went pretty well, but that discussion can wait until the journal entry on the game session. Sunday night, I watched the episode of Big Brother after a pretty decent steak dinner, and then did a bit of reading before I crashed for the night. I actually got to bed around 10:00 pm, and slept for a good eight hours. A good night's sleep.

Monday morning, I took it relatively easy and didn't rush anything. spross told me on Sunday after his gaming experience with an exploding steam engine that he wanted to create a second, back-up character for the Airship Pirates game, so I was pleased to combine that with Tammy's creating her character on this day (though I got the feeling she was a bit peeved that he was there as well). The character generation process with Tammy went pretty smoothly, and she created a Neovictorian bounty hunter with what seems to be an interesting past, and the character should work well with the group of characters that the Sunday group has, but we'll see this coming weekend. I can't remember what it was that spross created as the back-up character, but it'll only be important when he needs to bring that character into play. Spent Monday evening just relaxing, and had a pretty good evening, and then crashed early again. However, with work coming up the next day, I didn't sleep all that well, although I still managed a good seven hours of Morpheus time.

Overall, a pretty good weekend, and one that gave me a chance to recharge the personal batteries somewhat, and gear up for the start of the Fall. Made a few promises to myself about the next six months, but we'll see what becomes of those.
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