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No Sleep, Foot Care, and PSA Test Thursday

Been a somewhat hectic, tiring day so far.

Didn't get as much sleep as I would have liked, as I found myself tossing and turning most of last night, waking up several times as well. I'd been awake for twenty minutes already when the alarm went off at 5:30 am.

As is typical for the office after the Labour Day weekend, business was hopping, and I was kept very busy this morning, barely having time to breathe at time. I went out for lunch, and then dashed over to the Footcare Clinic near Billings Bridge for my monthly care, which was much needed after the excursion to Indianapolis for GenCon, and while I had a few minor problems with my feet that were taken care of at the session, the nice lady told me that my feet were in pretty good condition. The footcare specialist and I talked about various subjects, and she mentioned that she had seen stuff about Abney Park on my blog (yes, she reads my blog! Hooray, someone does! Just kidding, folks...), and so she asked me to send some links for downloadable Abney Park songs that she could listen to. Cool! :)

Once I left the footcare clinic, I headed over to the Ottawa General Hospital, as I needed to get my PSA blood test done before my appointment at the hospital next week. Other than the annoyance of paying the parking fees at the hospital (granted it was a parking metre, but still...), the process was uneventful, though the version of the PSA test the doctor was running required three vials of my precious red stuff.

After leaving the hospital, I dashed back to work, where I find myself now. Will probably leave here around 4:00 pm today, so this one has been a really long day, worsened by the lack of sleep last night. Will likely try and make an early night of it tonight.
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