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New Abney Park Yahoo Mailing List

For those who are interested in such things, I have just launched a new Yahoo group over on that site devoted to discussion and the like of all things Abney Park.

The new discussion group, called Abney_Park_Fans, can be found at the link.

(Yes, the URL is somewhat odd for Yahoo, but this may change as the group gains a few new members. I hope.) The group is a forum and discussion group devoted to the music of Abney Park, the band, various facets of the band, as well as steampunk as it relates to the band, and (to a lesser extent), the Airship Pirates Roleplaying Game as well. While membership in the Yahoo group must be approved, the mailing list archives are public and can be viewed by anyone.

In any event, I hope to see a few of my LJ friends over in the group, and if you're a fan of the music of Abney Park, please come out and join the group, and let's all discuss the music of the band!

Oh, and watch out for those propellors in the dawn! :)
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